Post Lletz treatment worried


i was wondering if anyone can give me some advice as to how long you bled for after treatment! I am coming up to 2 weeks and still bleeding it's nothing too heavy or anything some days it's really really light and I think has come to an end but then comes again! I have read several different things but I was told it would be more of a discharge than bleeding but this hasn't been the case for me!! Please can anyone shed any light! In not in any pain just worried that I shouldn't be bleeding this long! I did read that heavy bleeding is associated with infection but it's not heavy at all!

anybody experience anything similar!?


thanks in advance 

louise x

Hiya I bled for five days after I had a punch biopy done then I picked up an infection

i had really bad cramps with a smelly discharge sorry for tmi! 

Im on day seven and the bleeding has stopped but I'm still in pain with period like cramps

if your concerned call your doctor and explain what's happening


hope it's nothing xxx



thanks so much for quick reply! Sorry to hear you are suffering! I don't feel pain or anything or no smell I just don't know how normal it is to bleed for nearly 2 weeks!? They don't go into all this with you when your there do they ... Give you a leaflet and then your told will write to you .. It's driving me insane ... You would think there would be some kind of "check up" after the treatment! I'm just worrying so much!! 


Hi Louise,

I was bleeding for around 3 weeks and some days really heavy some very light, it stopped then started again. Dont worry to much as each of us are different, some people can bleed for upto 6 weeks!!!

Hope this helps :-)

Trudy x

Hi yrudy

thanks very much for your reply!! It does help knowing that so thanks so much!! like I say I'm not experiencing pain or anything just didn't know if it was normal! How long did you wait for results if you don't mind me asking I'm going out of my mind!! Xx

Hi Louise,

I wasnt in pain either just the odd cramping!

2 weeks for my results but that was because they found a small section of cancer in the cells they took away. I have since been for an MRI & CT scan which have both come back normal but i was aware that i still had abnormal cells grade CIN1 so i have an appointment booked for Wed to discuss the results of my scans and next stage of treatment. I am just looking forward to it been over and done with!

The nurse told me last monday that i should need another lletz but not quite sure if thats true or not, waiting is always the hardest bit. I cant seem to concentrate, my mind is like a roundabout just going around in circles! LOL. Give your gp a call as they may have already received them, it may be that yours is all clear. After my LLETZ the doctor said i wouldnt hear from them unless it was something to be concerned about!


Thanks so much, your replies are really comforting, i might just do that, i was ok up to now but fearing the worst now thinking what if!! This is such a horrible thing that we are going through, the waiting is by far the worst! Did you just receive a letter?? I think im getting nervous as its coming up to 2 weeks and i can get them anytime ... silly as that sounds as i just want to know. Do you think im best calling GP or the hospital where i had procedure? Im the same leading up to the colposcopy the doctors perscribed me diazepam i was in that much of a state. Im trying to stay positive but its really hard. Everytime my phone rings my heart skips a beat :(

Hope everything goes ok for you on Wednesday! Glad you got the all clear, i bet its all happened so quickly for you, told there was a small section but removed at the same time!!


Thanks again for replying xx

I got a call to say that i had an appointment the next day to see the consultant, i know its hard but try not to stress yourself out too much a lot of ladies come back with clear margins which means the extra tissue they took with the LLETZ is normal and they removed all the abonormal cells.

Im sure if you give the colposcopy dept a call and ask if they have received your results back and they will say if they have or not, your heart is always in your mouth whenever you speak to the doctors about the C word i know.

I have an amazing husband who has been at every appointment with me, he makes me feel calm even though i know he was worrying about it. When i was alone i would cry and started thinking the worst, best to not be alone with your thoughts and worries but in some strange way it help me prepare for bad news if you know what i mean? I am one of these people who likes to know what your up against so you have time to figure it out in your head. I felt weird because they told me i had stage 1 after they had taken it away so i could never say i have or had cancer as it didnt seem real.

I am starting to worry about the meeting on Wed with the consultant, she has this calming voice. She did my lletz and said there would only be a very small chance it would come back as cancer so it was unlikely, but it did... i went back for my chat about the scans and how much cancer they had found and said it was unlikely it would have spread but i still had abnormal cells on the outside of my cervix which would need a cone biopsy. I had my scans and they came back clear or normal which ever they like to say, but this came from the cancer nurse who isnt a doctor so i just have to hang on to the hope that my scans are clear and that i only need a small treatment for the next part..... i will keep you posted on that one!

It is very scary and you will always think of the worst case as thats what we do, this site is a great help and a comfort to know that even if we get cancer the survival rate is very very high and that once we have made that first step of getting checked out we will be on their radar until they feel we have been clear for long enough.

Any questions or if you need to chat about worries and stuff i am here, i always check the site and have a read of peoples posts and try to reply if i think i can provide comfort :-)

Trudy xx

It is very very scary sounds like you have been very brave! Yes the doctor that done mine said it didnt look like cancer and very unlikey but until i see it in black and white i will be on edge i just cant help it! I must admit this site has been a god send and everyone is so kind sharing all their experiences especially with something like this. I really really hope you get the news you want, please let me know how you get on, will be thinking of you xx

Thanks Louise, I will let you know how I get on :-)

keep us posted on your results, here anytime you need to chat xx

Thanks so much :-) good luck for Wednesday ... Yes I will do I have a feeling I'll be on here quite a bit I get lot of comfort from this site xx thanks for all your replies means so much xx

I am always on here, even when im at work lol its like a little comfort for me too, helped me get my head around it all.

Your welcome im here any time :-) xx

thanks so much, im the same, at work now and find myself reading other stories, feeling really nervous as its 2 weeks tomorrow so i could get results anytime now couldnt i!? I cant even remember what they said when i went for treatment on how long results would take! How you feeling about tomorrow? xx

Trudes07 I hope you are well... just been reading your post and wanted to ask aboout your appointment. I have received a letter following my LLETZ to say that an appointment has been made for me in the gyny department but I have no idea what this appointment is for. I thought, as you said, that if all was well that they wouldnt see me again until my 6month smear. I am now worrying that this appointment is to discuss my results because they are not so good?! 

Really dont want to go through LLETZ or any treatment again (consultant was horrible and not at all comforting) not really sure whether I am after advice from you or whether I am just writing to vent my worry and frustration haha. I feel as though they are making me worry by not really  telling me anything!

Thanks, Emma