Post-Lletz tips

Evening, ladies. Just wanting some advice... I'm having a Lletz done on March 30 to treat CIN 2. Now I hear that for a month afterwards I mustn't bathe, go swimming, have sex, use tampons etc. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to heal better and faster? Also, since cell changes are mainly due to HPV and I tested positive, is it safe for me to carry on having unprotected sex with my partner as he no doubt has HPV too? If we used condoms once I am healed, will this prevent my abnormal cells from coming back? 

I had that treatment on Friday.

they said to me, no sex or using tampons for 4-6 wks

they also said showers are better than baths. 

But didn't say not to bath. 


Feb18- first smear

march 7th- results- high grade dyskaryosis 

March 13- colposcopy and loop excision 

Hi there,

Wishing you well for your LLETZ but a word of advice - there's nothing you can do to help yourself heal faster other than doing as recommended (no sex, baths, swimming, tampons etc). I wouldn't have baths because of the risk of infection, I'm sure bubble bath going near there wouldn't be a great idea for the first couple of weeks.

Just take it easy and don't do any exercise for a few weeks even if you feel fine. Your body is healing and it is a slow process but once it heals you're back to normal then so it's worth waiting instead of pushing yourself too early and going back to square one.

Best wishes, Lucy x

Hi! I had lletz a couple weeks ago and there's not much you can do to make yourself heal faster. Just get plenty of rest and eat well


I was told to abstain from sex and tampons for 4 weeks but exercise only one week "if the bleeding has stopped". I didn't actually get any bleeding, just a weird yellowy clear discharge (which is still happening). I've done some light exercise (light jogging, a bit of resistance work, long walks etc) but I'm still too scared to go back to a full on gym session for at least another week. 


As far as the condom /hpv thing, I've asked both my colposcopy nurse and a nurse on here and they both said it won't make a difference. You've already got whatever your partner has, so you can't "re-catch" the virus. Eventually both of you will clear it and it'll be fine. 


Best of luck