Post-Lletz tips

Evening, ladies. Just wanting some advice... I'm having a Lletz done on March 30 to treat CIN 2. Now I hear that for a month afterwards I mustn't bathe, go swimming, have sex, use tampons etc. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to heal better and faster? Also, since cell changes are mainly due to HPV and I tested positive, is it safe for me to carry on having unprotected sex with my partner as he no doubt has HPV too? If we used condoms once I am healed, will this prevent my abnormal cells from coming back? 

Hi alizee,

Sorry nobody has responded to this before now, it's horrid being left all alone isn't it. I'm sorry that I cannot answer your questions myself but I expect that the people conducting your LLETZ will be able to answer all of them fully and accurately.

Be lucky