Post lletz/ thankyou

Hi ladies,
Just thought I’d make my first post following lletz treatment… I’m now 3 weeks post lletz!
I’d like to say how helpful and reassuring this site has been throughout this awful process that us unfortunate ones have had to go through!
At just 24 and a half and going to a first smear without even worrying about it … I must say I was shocked to find out that I in fact had severely abnormal results (at 24!!!) totally unaware and with no knowledge of anything cervical related I was unsure what it all meant and immediately thought the worst…
The whole process has been hurrendous … Working in the pre hospital setting I find being a patient very difficult! I felt like I was constantly chasing results and still not given clear answers … This site was a god send… I found most of my answers here!

Anyway, was booked in for colposcopy and had punch biopsies taken (which I found rather painful) consultant was unable to do lletz under local as he said the area of abnormal cells was far too widespread … Again panic set in as he said I’d have to go under general anaesthetic… Luckily he was able to do it as soon as I got back from my holiday so not to ruin it for me!
So I then had the lletz and another colposcopy under GA … First colposcopy biopsies showing CIN 3 …again at just 24 this was horrifying … The GA made me feel awful for atleast a week I just wanted to sleep all the time …I am now still awaiting results 3 weeks post Lletz and have recovered well after 3 weeks off work due to go back tomorrow …

What the hospital/GP don’t tell you is how scary this whole thing is to deal with … And how it will affect you!! and when you’re in a new relationship how difficult it can be TO HAVE ‘certain’ conversations about grown up things/the future … Luckily my boyfriend of 8 months has been amazing (took a while before he realised how serious it was) after many conversations and very up and down emotions … In the midst of dealing with exams at work and getting on to my works degree course at uni! The last 5 months have been pretty testing and emotional but I’m on the up now and hopefully will be getting good results from the hosp any time soon!

I hope this site will be as useful to others as it has been to me… So I’d just like to thank everyone for sharing stories, advice and encouragement xxx