Post Lletz Stuff

Hi Ladies!

It is my first time posting on here! Just want to share my experience and ask some questions J

I had a colposcopy and Lletz procedure for CIN II one week ago today under GA.  It was my first time ever in theatre so I was terrified!  Everything went ok though (except that apparently my jaw clenched while under and they struggled getting the pipe in my mouth! So I have a bit of a sore throat) When I woke up I had period type pain and felt slightly violated and uncomfortable! Was able to go home I few hours later took some pain meds and slept it off. All and all not such a bad experience.  Actually relieved that it is over!

I felt much better the next day…slight cramps and a bit tired but nothing to horrendous. The last couple of days I have had only a bit of spotting which later stopped and had a mild brownish discharge. And I haven’t felt the need to take any pain meds since.

Something weird happened las night though! Woke up for a wee and had a lot of air come out my vagina! Freaked me out! Has this happened to anyone else?   After that I was in pain but nothing that needed any meds so far. The spotting is back and a little heavier than before. Having on and of cramps as well.  My problem is I don’t know when my period is due.  I went of the pill recently so everything is a bit out of sorts.  Will I know the difference between bleeding and feeling pain from the procedure and my period?  I’m getting weird looks from the people at work because I’m running to the loo every 5 min!  The whole pad wearing thing is also making me feel very icky!

Thanks in advance!



Hi there panja 

Hope you are doing ok . See how you go. The cramps and spotting are normal following the procedure. . However watch out for any bad smell from the discharge, as it could be a sign of infection. Or if you start to feel unwell with pain and heavy bleeding this could also be a sign. Your period should be the same as normal. I got mine slightly earlier than usual, and it was a bit heavier but not much. I agree, the worst part is wearing pads, it's not pleasant but it has to be done :-( . Make sure you rest when you can and take it easy. Not sure about the "air" thing, I haven't had that happen to me. Hope this helps xx

Hi i had the LLETZ on monday its now friday and im getting yellow discharge with a very strange smell. Only had spotting of blood after the LLETZ and no pain. I was told to expect brown watery discharge but not yellow watery strong weird smelly stuff. Not sure if its sign of infection or not. I don't know if im writing in the right spot ive never been on here before. 

Hi Alicia i would speak to you doctor as i had yellow smelly discharge and it turned out i had an infection and im on antibiotics so get yourself checked out x

Hi panja i had lletz for cin2 nearly 2 weeks ago and only now the pain is fading, ive had discharge every day and still am altho it keeps changing, and i had an infection. I havent experianced the air thing but would sugest calling your doctor to check its normal. I also am all over the place in not knowing when my period will be as i use to have a coil and had no period but my coil had to be removed for the treatment so i dont know when i should be due on or if what im going through is due to the treatment or my period. Totally agree on the pad wearing i hate them so much. Sorry im not much help but hope it helps a little x