post lletz sex, bleeding new

ladies, I haven't posted for a while as I've been super busy etc. anyway. I hope everyone is OK.

had my lletz at the start of sept, bleeding on and off, possibly got an infection, had antibiotics and it finally stopped. doc said I'd become anaemic, big surprise, and did a swab to check all bad stuff was done. apparently I had signs of group b strep. I know this isn't awful and she said I didn't have to see her again unless I got symptomatic.

so, me and my man have very much enjoyed being able to have sex again - woop! - but I now bleed afterwards.before all this happened I would need only very rarely, now its more often, not every time but a LOT more frequent. also, my man says he can feel something poking him

I have checked this and can feel it too. I have a coil but they cut through the threads when I had the lletz and doc now says she can't see any sign of them. I'm not sure what to do.

it doesn't hurt or anything and the bleeding is only pinkish discharge but ???