Post LLETZ results

I had my colposcopy and LLETZ procedure yesterday. I tested positive for HPV after my routine smear in Nov 2020 with no cell changes. One year on I had my repeat smear and was told I had high grade dyskariosis. That was last week and had my colposopy booked for 6 days later. Talk about speedy!
For anyone worrying about having this procedure it was really quick and over and done with in no time at all. A bit uncomfortable like a smear but no pain and only a mild sting from the local anaesthetic. I’ve been really crampy afterwards but nothing a hot water bottle doesn’t help and only light bleeding for me.
What I wanted to ask was do they always send the removed part of rhe cervix for testing? I keep reading about people waiting for results but my consultant only told me I would have a follow up in 6 months time for a repeat smear with my GP. He didn’t mention anything about testing the sample. Is it routine to send the removed piece off for testing?

Yes, they need to send the removed piece for testing/biopsy. This is to make sure that they got all the abnormal cells. If the cell are contained within the sample and the edges are clear, it’s called ‘clear margins’ and suggests the procedure got everything. This is good - and what you’re hoping for. If the edges of the sample contain bad cells then you do not have clear margins and further treatment will be needed. Someone should have explained this to you. Generally these procedures are very efficient and there will be clear margins - so it will be follow ups for you!

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