Post-LLETZ results

Hi all,

a little about my story - 

Aug 17 - abnormal smear with HPV 

Oct 17 - colposcopy 

Oct 17 - results - CIN2 

Nov 17 - LLETZ under LA - potentially CIN2 or 3 

3 weeks later I’ve just received this letter from the consultant to say:

“Your recent visit has shown changes consistent with CIN1 and a small area of pre-cancerous change which was difficult to grade by the pathologist.

Overall, the results are reassuring, but I would like to disucss your results at our Colposcopy monthly team meeting and I will write to you with a definite management plan, which will most likely be a repeat colposcopy and smear in 6 months time, but I will confirm the follow up plan after the meeting.“


Has anyone else had this before? I’m so thankful it’s not as bad as it could have been - not that a second colposcopy sounds like fun but in the grand scheme of things, I’m counting my lucky stars.