Post Lletz recovery

Hi all

I had my Lletz treatment on 15th so a week tomorrow. 
I've had bleeding since and it is now a pale peach discharge (tmi) - is this normal?

Also it feels like someone is tugging my cervix with a thread - only way I can describe it but I just can't get comfortable.

Cramping stopped about 4 days after treatment but just wondered how long I should expect the discharge and tugging sensation?

Thanks to all of you have posted - this has been a real life line as the stigma behind this still seems to be that you only get this if you are overly active - really want to stamp this out.

Hope you are all ok and not too anxious in the wait for treatment/results.

Best wishes





After my LLETZ I was bleeding / spotting / staining for nearly 17 days! Had the same feeling as you for around week (got my GP tortured bless her). Hope this helps

All the best and take care :) 


I agree that the stigma thing needs to go - ?room 101.   Seems to me that maybe the best way to do this is to raise awareness about cervical screening, HPV etc. in our day to day life so as to normalise the topic.  Because of my experience (see my back story) I consider myself  well placed to get the ball rolling on the subject, in my locality, as are any of us who have some sort of experience with cervical cell abnormalities or worse.  Since my cc diagnosis I've had numerous conversations with women, sometimes men, about the importance of cervical screening etc. and invariably get very positive feedback; women are often pleased to air the subject outside of a clinical setting.  I also place Jo's information leaflets (downloadable on this website) on notice boards in communal places such as work place tea rooms or community centres etc.  It saddens me to think for the 10 years or so that I avoided smear tests I didn't have a single conversation or discussion about why I stopped getting them - trouble is we generally don't talk about such things unless one is lucky enough to have a certain type of family/friend network.  it was only when I started talking about my experience that I discovered that 2 of my work colleagues, who I'd worked with for many years,  had treatment for cell abnormalites one of which was a cancer-in situ.

Thank you night fury. I thought it was tailoring off but back with a vengeance today and the internal pulling feeling sore.

Really hope you are ok. How long before you felt normal and ok to do the deed as it were lol! 


Jazza that's a a great idea - I will do that as well. Certainly sounds like you have been through it.

Hope you and Nightfury are well xxx

Hi Giggles  

3 weeks after the procedure I was grand!  Now over 6 weeks (plus a period in the middle) and no pulling or staining! Take care! 

Thanks Night Fury - that's good to know. I'm a week in so ??

Well it's now 10 days after my Lletz treatment and the over the last day the discharge had become minimal - wake up this morning and I now have dark red bleeding. I thought it might be the start of my period but it's 7 days early. Is this normal?

Thanks in advance

Sounds normal. My bleeding started at 7 days and lasted a week followed by a further week of "last day of your period" type staining. They put stuff on your cervix to stop bleeding when you have lletz which helps it scab over. The bleeding after 7 - 10 days is the scab coming away

Thank you - that's so helpful to know 


So it's been exactly two weeks since my Lletz and the first day without discharge or spotting. Period due at the end of the week. Hoping for a smooth ride with that. Then hopefully we will know I'm done till 6 month smear ??????