Post Lletz problems


I have a biopsy taken in December. Did not receive results just got a letter for Lletz. I spoke to the consultant before the procedure and he said they found cin3 and that it needed urgent treatment today. The procedure wasn't pleasant I had to have 4 local injections in my cervix as a large area was effected. All was ok once numb but it took a while and I could feel the blood running over my bum! Not much bleeding after until 7pm (op was at 2) when the blood was.dripping out steadily. I was filling 3 towels an hour until about 1am. Didn't have much blood the next day but Wednesday night I passed a huge clot the size of a golfball. Nothing Thursday (light bleeding) then today another clot. Is this normal? I called the nurse after the Wednesday clot and she said due to the large area and blood loss that this seemed normal.

I also had terrible cramps which have calmed down a bit now although still painful. I also have bad pain which feels is coming from inside the vagina similar to pains I get after sex. My doctor has persribed me tramadol. 

 I had Wednesday and Thursday off and attempted work today but sitting upright was agonising and set off cramps so had to go home. Bleeding has slowed alot but the clots are scaring me.  Are these and the pain normal? Just seems weird they said I could go back to work the next day! 




Hi Michelle,

Reading what everybody else says about LLETZ it seems that some women feel fit and well and go back to work after just a day or two and others take much longer to recover. I don't think that anything you have described is anything out of the ordinary but I am sorry to hear that you have pain after sex. Is this painful pain or just discomfort? 

Be lucky


Hi... I have had a few lletz procedures each with different feeling after, I agree with tivoli that it just depends?!? My last procedure a fortnight ago had some very unusual post procedure problems. I bled very badly after a few days and was admitted into hospital and they badically redid the lletz and cauterised the bleed. Then a few days after I haemorrhaged, it was traumatic and I felt horrendous. I was in hospital until a week ago and now on a lot of tablets to get my HB levels up. 

though it is very unusual to happen the doctors and nurses took it in their stride and explained that this does Happen as the cervix is open and so a wound cannot be stitched like a normal incision. Please stay positive and if the pain gets worse (try not to rely on tramadol) then go back to the hospital not he gp. fingers crossed for good result I am still waiting mine.


jo xx