Post LLETZ pain and waiting for results

Hi Ladies,
Firstly thank you all for sharing your experiences, I am so thankful I found this site as there seems to be very little information on all of this apart from here and reading others stories are so helpful at what feels like a really tough time!
3 years ago I went for my smear test all results came back clear, fast forward to August 2016 and another smear test and the results came back severe changes, i attended my colposcopy and had LLETZ at the same time, specialist said that it looks like CN3 but said she thinks she removed it all? Waiting for results (3week wait why??)
Anyhoo, since having LLETZ I’m feeling rather uncomfy down there and have pains shooting down my legs and a sore pelvis, has anyone else experienced this? Also freaking out about CN3 and worries that it could be more serious.
This wait is going to feel long!
Any replies welcome!!

2013 - normal smear result
2016 Aug - abnormal severe changes
2016 - Sept Colposcopy/ LLETZ CN3, awaiting further results

Hi loulou 

waiting for any medical test results cause so much anxiety but do take comfort in knowing that the lletz procedure is 90-95% effective in treating CIN. You are probably experiencing extra pain from the lletz because of your anxiety. When our minds think the worst we suddenly have some crazy symptoms. However, if you really feel there might be something wring then ring your gp. Good luck. I know how hard it is to wait,  try to stay positive and busy. 


Hi there, i am experiencing some off pelvic pain which is odd as I was fine 4 weeks post lletz and I'm now nearly 8 weeks. 

its an odd pain though- i thought it was groom at first but now its moved to the left - cant quite determine if it's groin or vaginal pain. its driving me mad and it's  really not helping with the anxiety . Im so scared they have missed something - im just paranoid now! 

Hope your pain subsides and you get good results. It is a horrible wait but you will get there. 

Love and luck 


Thank You ladies for your replies, I'm trying to stay busy but I guess I'm fearful, very emotional and nervous. 3 weeks seems like an awfully long time to wait for news. Its good to know that LLETZ is very successful, I just want those results back so I can clear my mind. Z did you get your results back ok? How long did you have to wait? Lolli sending love xx