Post lletz - odd periods

Hi there,

I hope someone can shed some light for me. I had an abnormal smear last June and had lletz laser ablation which went well. I had some discharge for about 2 weeks and recovered ok. I am on the pill and have been having periods like clockwork. But they have been a dark brown with discharge ever since. I seem to be having less pain than usual but really concerned as it’s been 5 periods later now. Can anyone advise it this is normal or do I need to see my doctor?

Hi Martha following Laser ablation you will have changes to your period and experience more than usual discharge for a few months is normal. If you are concerned about your symptoms go and see your GP for some Peace of mind as you will worry yourself sick. I have had laser Ablation twice in the past and remember changes to my period with a discharge that would make your eyes water lol Im sorry i cant be more helpfull but please let me know how you get on I will be thinking about you hugs xxxx

Thanks Kumagill. I am not getting any discharge between periods just a dark brown period with some dark brown discharge. I will book in to see GP as been 5 months now. Hopefully will get back to normal. Little did I know at time how great a red period is ;) Thanks so much xx