post lletz experience/ questions

Hello all,

I has lletz on Wednesday gone to remove “a significant area of abnormalities”. I’m not sure how much they removed exactly. This was done under GA and all went fine. The consultant said she would write to me in a couple weeks with my results but suspected it would be CIN 3.

I just have a couple questions, if anyone can help:

  1. I have had no bleeding but LOTS of clear discharge, feels like I am peeing myself most of the time (sorry for tmi). Is this normal?

  2. Is it likely that they will have got all the cells away given it was a large area or am I likely to need further treatment?

  3. When did people start exercising again? I know I’ll have to work up to the more strenuous stuff, but how long would you leave it until doing an HIIT exercise class for example.

Thank you in advance.


Hi holly ,

Having had mine on 2nd march , I too had lots of watery discharge and every time I went to the loo it kind of gushed out . Sorry tmI. I think this is to be expected , was told its like the clear fluid you get with a wound etc . Keep an eye on it- if it starts to smell - as mine did really bad could be infection . 

Also mine was a CIN 3 - think they should get all the cells with clear margins . Had my results on Thursday and no further treatment needed until a smear in September . Not sure about exercising as I don't do any lol but no lifting and stuff I was told for up to 4 weeks - the same goes for swimming and a bath ,

Hope this helps . X 

Hi I also had lots of clear watery discharge after my lletz. I'm sure they will tell you whether they've removed all the cells when you get your results. In terms of exercise, my doctor recommended not to do anything too strenuous while I heal but walking is fine. Take it easy and good luck with your results x

Thank you guys. :slight_smile: Did you feel ill after your lletz. I’ve felt sore and sick. I know you’re not going to feel great obviously, just didn’t expect to feel as rubbish as I do. xxx

Hi holly ,

I didn't really feel poorly as such just a bit achy and run down - felt sick but then I seemed to lose my appetite really with the worry of it all :-( did suffer with stomach cramps quite a bit , think it just takes time to get over it . Us poor ladies , it's not fair ! Xx

I felt ok just a bit dazed and tired. My partner broke up with me 5 days after my lletz and now I'm unable to look after myself the way I should be because I'm so upset. Nice timing.... Hope you make a full recovery x

Thanks ladies. I’ve been up all night with stabbing pains, nausea and hot sweats. Think I may have an infection so taking myself off to the Drs. I’m fed up with it, I really just want to get back to work.

Ahh Alizee, that’s awful for you. I can relate on a certain level as my partner went back to work for 4 months the day after mine so I’ve just been home alone. Not ideal. Focus on looking after yourself and surround yourself with your loved ones. That will help you abit I’m sure.

Lots of love xx

thanks xx took myself to the doctor also today as I suspect an infection due to back pain and v smelly discharge (sorry tmi). I'm now on antibiotics for a week 

Hi ladies , hope you both feel better soon . Can sympathise with you . My ex told me he couldn't support me through any of this :-( my colposcopy or LLETZ .. Even despite a heavy bleed   a few weeks ago he didn't want to know , even tho it was late at night and I was worried . Men - not worth it in my opinion . Just surround yourself with family and friends .. Couldn't have got through it without my mum :-) . Take care xx