Post LLETZ expectations

Hi everyone. Ive found this forum incredibly helpful and calming so far, thanks everyone who contributes.

I had my LLETZ on Monday (3 days ago) following 2 abnormal smears in a row, a colposcopy and biopsy coming back as CIN2.

I know everyone has different experiences but I’m a bit unsure. So far, I have alternated between bad cramps and bloating, nothing at all, and sharp stabbing pains.

I havent had any bleeding apart from a tiny bit directly after the procedure, and I always have thick white discharge anyway (I think thats the pesky HPV :cry:).

I usually do intense exercise 5/6 days a week and I’m feeling very conflicted about sitting around every day and not doing anything as my only real symptom is like really bad period pains, and exercise usually helps me with this. I know I’m healing inside but the fact that there’s nothing different (blood/discharge etc) I’m confused!!

Does anyone have a similar experience or any thoughts?

Thank you!

Hi @Sophelia

High risk HPV has no sumptoms so it wouldnt be the cause of your discharge, but the after effects of a LLETZ as you say everyone is different but the effects can come anytime upto 4 weeks after the treatment mainly around day 10, but not everybody does get the after effects… you may feel upto it but you have still had a surgical procedure so it really wouldnt be recommended that you went back to doing intense exersize so soon… the advice is to avoid anything that works up a sweat for upto 4 weeks, some woman have done too much just by doing the housework

You shouldnt be experiencing sharp stabbing pains, mild cramping is expected but sharp stabbing pains is abit of a red flag xx

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Hi @Sophelia

Like you I had LLETZ for CIN2 a few weeks ago and didn’t really experience anything right away other than cramps. Still, I’d been reading everyone’s advice on this forum for a while and wanted to give myself the best chance of healing as quickly as possible so I took it easy, worked from home, didn’t exercise or lift anything heavy, to be honest for the first 2 weeks of doing this I felt a bit silly since I generally felt quite well.

At the 2 week mark I took the dog for a short walk and threw the ball for her a couple of times. Nothing too adventurous or strenuous at all, but I immediately felt different after it with sharp stabbing pains in my cervix and ovaries, very heavy bleeding, a fever; I generally felt terrible and ended up on antibiotics for an infection.

It’s great news that you’re recovering well so far, please do take the time your body needs to rest to make sure it stays that way. This is a sneaky little op as you can’t see the surgical site to know how it’s healing but it’s still an open wound that needs to be given time to heal so that you’re back to your best self in no time. Exercise will still be there for you when you’re fully healed.

Rest up and take care.

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Hi @Sophelia , I would second what the other ladies have advised. I do advanced HIIT workouts 4 or 5 times a week (including weights) but took a break for 4 weeks after my LLETZ. My intention was to stop for a maximum of 2 weeks as I felt grand after the procedure, and was really anxious about undoing all my hard work (And suffering DOMS!) However after a few weeks I just sensed that my body was not ready for anything intensive.
A lot of people don’t bleed immediately after the procedure, however this can change after a week, when the tissue starts to heal. The last thing you want is to undo the cauterisation as this will slow down the healing process and increase the likelihood of infection.
On the plus side, it only took a week of less rigorous exercise before I was able to return to my advanced HIITS. Take care x

Thank you ladies. Its good to know im not alone in feeling a bit silly for “taking it easy” when i dont really feel anything other than period pains, which as we all know we are just expected to “get on with it”!

Without wanting to sound silly, it could almost be better to have some physical symptoms just so i dont feel as weird sitting around!