Post LLETZ Concers

I underwent the LETTZ procedure last Thursday morning (6 days ago) after receiving my smear tests result by post on the day my partner and I were due to go travelling for 6 months. Needless to say it was a shock and very upsetting but because of the high abnormalities and the fact they had already booked me in for treatment the following week we cancelled our trip.

I've been experiencing bright red bleeding (slim - nothing) and a lot of watery brown discharge which can just gush but all of which is normal from what I have been reading. However the smell of this really is very unpleasant and quite strong and I am thinking I have an infection. The nurse gave me Dalacin Cream to take if I do get an infection but I think this was because (all well and good) after my results we will be setting off on our trip and she advised that I take the cream with me just in case. However I'm not sure if this smell is normal and all part of the process. Or whether I should start this treatment because of my concerns? 

After the procedure I rested for 4 days and on Monday began my usual exercise regime, running, gym and weights (not as heavy as usual). I am a fit and healthy person with a stressful job and the thought of not exercising is daunting but I'm now worried that this has increased my risk of infection. 

Hi..I got my LLETZ yesterday and was told no strenous exercise for minimum of 2 weeks.

maybe worth ringing your doctor to check as you might have an infection?

Thanks ClaireAnna! It's just so much info to take on in such a short space of time. I'm just trying to carry on as normal as possible to avoid over analysing and driving myself mad. I hope you recover well from you LLETZ. ☺️

I went to the doctor today as had bad smelling discharge and she took some swabs and said I have an infection so porbsbly worth getting gp to check xx

I had LLETZ for CIN 3 yesterday and wasn't told anything other than to take paracetamol for 2 days. 

I have since read about taking it easy, no baths etc.. 

I was given a leaflet which just advised No sex, swimming or tampons for 4 weeks. 

As it said nothing about baths in the leaflet I took one last night as I had some stomach cramps and everything was fine. 

As I only had it done yesterday I cannot comment on any bleeding or smells yet! I would persevere with the doctors because if you do have an infection you need to start treatment straight away. 


scrunchyface they advise no  baths because there is a high chance of infection with the biopsy is fully healed x

Luckily I didn't put anything into my bath, literally just sat in hot water to ease the cramps.  

Luckily we have a shower too, so I'm onto showers now. Must be a nightmare for people who only have a shower! 


Well for the record I'm assuming my bath did cause an infection as I'm now on antibiotics for it! 

I'm not sure if it was the bath or just generally overdoing it maybe... I'm not massively active but do have 18 month old twins which I'm chasing around all day! 

Hopefully it should clear up in a few days