Post LLETZ bleeding

I need some advice so here’s a bit of background…(sorry for TMI)
I had LLETZ treatment 10 days ago (24/2/16) bit of discharge and light bleeding first few days which settled down (I thought brilliant). Then tonight I’ve been out with friends and did a bit of dancing etc suddenly felt like I needed a wee so went and when I went there was bright red blood every time I wiped but hardly nothing in my pad, had one biggish blood clot. Then about half an our later same again, hardly nothing in the pad but was there when I wiped with a small clot…anyone else had anything similar? It seemed to of settled down a bit now.

Also I was on depo but didn’t go back when I was due on the 14/11/2015 so could it possibly be my period?

This is all so new to me so I’m panicking haha any advice would be great xxxx