Post lletz bleeding *pos sensitive pregnancy mentioned*

Moderate high grade cells were picked up during my pregnancy last year (july) I had colposcopys throughout the pregnancy was looked after really well and had my beautiful baby in january. Smear was repeated in june moderate changes picked up again, had my lletz two weeks ago. All went smoothly, I have sufered panic attacks this year so was really worried but the nurses and consultant looked after me incredibly well. Picked up an infection(cramps&smell) and was on metronidazole. Completed the course but for the last couple of days my bleeding has increased, what started as a pink watery discharge has become similar to a period, red, relatively heavy bleeding on & off. I called my doctor this morning who told me it sounded normal was likely rehealing after infection. Anyone suffer from bleeding picking up after a couple of weeks. I'm sure my doctor knows what she's talking about, but would love to hear personal experiences. This is nothing like the pink, brown spotting my post op sheet has warned me off!

I'm probably repeating lots of similar posts on here so apologies. x


sometimes you can get a bit of a bleed when the cauterised bits start to come away as it heals. i was told this is normal too.

if its excessive (a new pad every hour) or if the signs of infection come back then see your Dr.

Hope you feel better soon.




Hi! I didn't have much bleeding for the first few days and it became heavier around day 10 so it sounds quite normal to me. Try to take it easy :-) x