Post LLETZ bleeding/period getting me down

Hi there,
I’m JJ and this is my first post so I’ll include a bit of history.

I am a 37 year old disabled mother of 2. I live in the Midlands with my kids, husband and 2 cats.

I had my first colposcopy in October 2019 after HPV was found on my smear. It was my first that was tested for HPV. There was no sign of abnormal cells so no treatment was necessary, but I was moved to yearly smears.

Because of Covid and a decline in my health, it took a bit longer but my next smear still showed HPV and now also showed high grade dyskaryosis. So last Friday I had a colposcopy which led to a LLETZ procedure. Now I’m waiting for the results, which is a struggle in and of itself.

However, on Sunday my period arrived, and it is hideous. I’m leaking through night time pads, waking up soaked in blood, and everything aches like I’m carrying a bowling ball on my cervix. I understand that this can be normal, but it’s just adding to my frustration with my broken body.

Does anyone have any tips for a bloody tidal wave? I told my husband I feel like an upside down volcano - complete with fiery rage…

Thanks for welcoming me to the forum :yellow_heart:

I had my lletz more than 2 weeks and am post menopausal but have had ridiculous amount of watery discharge- soaking through even incontinence pads. I have been checked for infection last week but don’t have one ( at least then). Have had little blood.

I suppose it might be worth discussing with a medic if you might have an infection. If not I think it’s just the tenas :disappointed:it’s rubbish though and just makes the whole process more grim and it’s grim enough.

Hi there. I am post menopausal (I think) and have just had my second LLETZ as my first didn’t successfully gather all the abnormal cells. I had no abnormal reaction after my first LLETZ but with my second, I started bleeding on day 4 and haven’t stopped! We’re now on Day 20.
I wouldn’t presume to tell you what to do but I am now going to contact my GP, as I don’t feel right - reading your post has given me the confidence to do so. I hope it settles down for you and that you get the support you need.