Post LLETZ bleeding and bladder problem - help!

hi... I've never posted before but I feel like I am losing the plot alone!! 


I had the LLETZ procedure completed under local anaesthetic 15 days ago. Since then I have had a constant urge to urinate, which hasn't eased despite being treated for suspected UTI. 


I also continue to bleed, and today that has changed to bright red and lots of clots. I have been on cephalexin for the last week in case there was any infection. 


I I guess I need some reassurance it will stop eventually, and wondered if anyone else had the bladder problems?? 


I can't seem to get any medical help, aside from seeing a GP who by their own admission isn't particularly skilled in this area




Hi. I would strongly recommend you go to a and e to see a gynae doc and have some silver nitrate will stop the bleeding and the bladder thing should go away! Xxx

I would agree with Helsweld, or that you call the department that treated you ASAP and speak to them. I have had LLETZ 7 days ago and certainly feel that my cervix is still swollen which I assume will affect the bladder/urethra, in my case it does this on-and-off. Good luck with this. My bleeding stopped after 6 days but I have heard of it really varying, having researched a bit. It is OK to chase for answers from the colposcopy/gynae health professionals, especially as your GP has run out of ideas.  

I have had Lletz under local today and was advised to go to A&E with any clots or heavy bleeding so I agree you should do this to be seen by a specialist.

Good luck

i never got the silve rnitrate treatment option for my heavy bleeding after my lletz because the clinic that done it never answeed the phone so i went to my own docs, but the antibiotics are working and it has slowed right down. dont worry i had a clot larger than my hand! was so shocked to see it but i guess it does get better. xx

Thanks guys. I did end up going to a&e and seeing a GP there, he didn't seem to think anything of the amount of bleeding and just sent me home with a prescription to fill the next day to stop the bleeding. After a terrifying night of tennis ball sized clots, things caLies down. My bladder has also calmed down a lot, I am guessing the huge clots were pressing on it!!

Sadly ive now started to shed lots more hair than is usual. I'm starting to feel like this is never ending, and I haven't had the results of the biopsy yet :( 


they really don't prepare you for what the after effects will be like do they? "A little bleending or discharge"  Ive been signed off work for two weeks now  


Hi Laura, just wondering did your symptoms settle down after this? I had treatment 11 days ago and have the same bladder symptoms despite taking a course of antibiotics (no sign of UTI when my GP took a urine sample). My bleeding has been light but the cramping and swollen feeling inside is very bad. The clinic, gynae & my GP said treatment should not have impacted on my bladder in any way but I'm beginning to think this may be a common symptom! Sorry for hijacking your question & hope you are healthy :-)