Post-Lletz advice needed

Hello ladies! I had a lletz on Monday for cin 2, the gynae almost didn't do it as the area was so small and she thought it looked more like cin 1 (7mm). Since then I've passed no blood or discharge except from clear fluid like water. I was wondering, since the area they removed was very small and I haven't bled or anything, does that mean my healing time might be less than the usual 4 weeks? I read somewhere that some people heal in like 3 weeks. Any advice appreciated


Hi! I had my first lletz 8 weeks ago and like you had no bleeding and minimal discharge, but it still took the same amoount of time to heal, everything is soo sensitive and prone to infection its probably a better bet to wait the full time xx

Thanks for your reply! How long did you wait to take a bath? What about sex? when did you know/feel you were healed? Many thanks