Post-Lletz (a bit gross, sorry!)

Hi guys,

I had my first Lletz last Tues (10 days ago) and for the first few days I experienced an almost contstant stream of clear discharge. Now it looks like orange juice and the smell is basically like the lovechild of a fish and a piece of metal. And I'm SURE other people can smell it, it's so strong!!! Has anyone else experienced this? Sorry to be so graphic and disgusting, I rang my clinic but they fobbed me off coz they were busy. 

Definitely sounds like an infection. Obviously it's the weekend now but out of hours could give you anti biotics xxxx

It does sound like an infection i had one 7 days after lletz and it was a yellow watery discharge that was smelly, so i hope you rang out of hours or call your gp tomorrow. Hope u get it sorted xx