Post leep leetz pain

Morning all.
I had my leetz treatment on Tuesday (11th)
So it’s only been 2 days but jeeze I feel rough.
Belly crampy dull ache. Feel sore and swollen down there.
No energy and when I walk around I’m leaking blood.
I ran the care team who told me is my body’s way of healing and do I have a fever or soaking a pad or smell.
None of these unless I walk then its like gush.
Meant to be back at work tomorrow
. Just want to get back to normal.
Fed up to be honest.

Dear Chunli - it’s the 9th today - did you mean the 7th? It sounds to me like you were not given enough information about what to expect after this operation - which it is. You should be taking it easy, and put your feet up if you’re leaking blood when you walk. The procedure affects each woman differently to some extent, but they reckon about 4 weeks to heal - and the bleeding can get worse after about 10 days! Some people heal quicker, some take longer. Is there someone who could look after you? Take painkillers if you have cramping or any pain. It is a day surgery but it is surgery nevertheless. You will not be able to go back to work tomorrow in this state, so let them know. IF your bleeding is no worse than a period by Monday, and you’re not in a lot of pain, maybe back to work then? Is there any possibility you can work from home?

If you’re losing a LOT of blood when you walk, and you’re worried, get someone to take you to urgent care. X

Yeah Tuesday the 7th. My appointment was at 11am.
Talking about not knowing what day it is.
Advise given was about soaking a pad in a hour, smell and fever.
Nobody said I’d feel this washed out.
Think I’m just mentally drained.