Post-LEEP- Dancing?

Hi All,

I know excersize has generally been discussed but are there any dancers out there? The general post-op sheet just said "normal activities within 3-5 days." I suspect many of the dance classes that I find vital for my mental health and wellness do not fall into that category. How long should I wait to return to dance classes? Should I wait longer to return to some types of classes? I had my procedure done a little over a week ago.  I went to a cardio/hip-hop dance class for a bit yesterday morning and it was ok. I wasn't as tired as I expected to be but I did have some cramps/twinges afterward. Is that a sign I should wait a bit longer before returning to cardio-based classes? I anticipate it taking a bit longer before I can return to more advanced classes like contemporary/ballet etc. But how long exactly? 


Regular excerise/dance and long baths are two activities that are vital to my wellbeing. I'm sort of starting to go crazy without them! 

I started exercising a week after LLETZ. Cardio based classes. I found i bled more afterwards so took it as a sign that I shouldn't workout. I'll be leaving it a few weeks next time.