Post hysterectomy pains....

Hi ladies…
Has anyone else had a vaginal hysterectomy?
I am wondering what pains are normal and what are not!
So I’m 7 weeks post op tomorrow, I’m doing well but I get ‘niggly’ aches and pains…sometimes in my back…sometimes in my right hip area. Other times I will notice a pain around my ovarie area. Sometimes when I pee, that last bit feels ‘cysistisisy’ (is that even a word!? Lol) …
Am I looking out for pain or am I imagining it?
I am in the U.K. And have not been invited for a 6 week post op check? Is this standard procedure or not?
Sex wise I’ve managed it twice now with my hubby, bless him it was well needed on both sides :wink: but I’m so conscious I feel different inside to him…he seemed happy enough anyway but there’s something that feels different to me…maybe it’s just me expecting it to feel different I don’t know!?
Hope you are all well and coping ok!!
Take it easy xxx

Hi Michelle 

i think I would call and make an appointment for a post op  check up and mention these things just to feel better. I do think you need to give yourself some more time as with any operation 7 weeks is not a lot of time. our bodies need time to adjust and our heads even longer. 

I hope you will feel better soon and that all your little niggles will disappear.  


Hey Lolli, How are you doing!? When do you get any results!? 

I might call up my consultant and ask but I'm petrified to go back! I don't want anything else coming as I can't deal with it right now.

I have been busy, kids are on half term and I've been swimming with them, taught my 4 Yr old son to ride his bike and out about to cinema and shops. Im wondering if I've done to much...even carried out a 5 ft fish tank and stand and put it in the car. Trying to get nack to normal but I don't even know what normal is anymore xxx 

Hi again. 

Well it's no wonder you have some pain. You just had an operation and all your organs and muscles and nerves have to heal and get use to the new space. you pribably have to also get your pelvic floor muscles back into grove so I really wouldn't worry to much. 

 also know how it's so hard to go back to the dr for anything, it's like we dread going worse then ever. I guess fear of thinking it's back or something crazy makes us think stupid things. 

I'm doing really well other then some stiffness in the morning. It really helps if I stretch out my pelvis if not then I'm in pain. I'm going back to work in another week so I'm excited as I've been off on Mat leave and then sick leave. i did go for an exam on the 7th of oct and dr did say he didn't see or feel anything sinister. I go for my first post treatment MRI in November so I will find out more after. 

Do look up some pelvic floor strengthening exercises and incorporate them into your daily routine if possible as it will make a huge difference in you feeling more normal again. 

Good luck. Enjoy the kiddies!!!!

Hi Michelle:

I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy at the end of May. My doctor told me "nothing in the vagina for 8 weeks" post surgery.  There is a massive amount of internal healing that has to take place which I think we can sometimes forget when the outside looks fine.

There's a risk of infection, torn stitches etc during those first weeks, so I would absolutely check in with your doctor if you're feeling some twinges. Probably nothing, but maybe wise to be sure.

love t x

Hi Michelle :-)

I think it's fair to say that after any form of hysterectomy we hold ourselves differently, we do what we can to protect our abdomen from unnecessary strain and this affects our posture. I would expect that this is the cause of your back and hip niggles. In a week or so I would recommend trying to gently build up your abdominal strength again to reduce strain on your back.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Michelle,

just wondering if the pains in hips, legs etc cleared up? I'm 9 wks post hysterectomy and have pains in pelvis area, hips, leg etc. I'm really starting to worry about it. I had it a few wks back but seemed to clear up and I was fine for a few weeks but now it's back again. I'm not sure if it's my head making it worse or if I always had this but just never paid any attention to it. I do remember having hip pain before after babies etc. My youngest is a year so I'm hoping it was always there but I'm just hyper sensitive to pains & aches? Any advise would be greatly appreciated, thinking of going to doc tomorrow to see can she book me in for MRI just to put it out of my head & move on with my life. Last thing I want to go through but I just want to put the whole experience to bed. Thanks for listening