Post Cone Biopsy Pap Smear

HI ladies,

I had a cone biopsy in June for CIN3 - which was originally thought to be cancer hence why they did the cone but thankfully on results of surgery was CIN3. When I went for my 6 week follow-up post surgery the doctor said I just go for regularly pap smears again from now on but I thought surely it would be every 6 months or at least less than the usual standard? I live in Australia and pap smears are every 5 years now. I am just wondering if anyone knows what the likelihood of a re occurrence is after having a cone- is it less than when you have a LEEP? As my friend who had a LEEP had to have 6 monthly pap smears for 2 years post surgery so I thought that would be the same for me?

Any advice would be welcome.

Hello! I also had a cone biopsy due to what they thought was CIN 3 based on the biopsy. Unfortunately, after reviewing the cone biopsy results, they found a micro-invasion (stage 1a1). It was all removed (along with all CIN) and I had clear margins, but I am followed every three months at the moment and my doctor had mentioned if it were just CIN 3 they had found, I still would have needed to have follow up checks every 6 months. Now, I don't know if this is necessary as every country has different rules (I am in France) but I certainly would push or pay privately to be followed more frequently, at least in the beginning if possible.

I hope that helps.