Post cone biopsy bleeding?

Hi ladies!

So, two weeks ago, I have a cone biopsy done for CIN 2. 2 days prior to the biopsy, I had my mirena removed after 2 years. 

Recovery was fine. Bleeding here and there then some discharge. However, suddenly, I am bleeding pretty heavily today and I am curious if this is normal? I don't know if it is from my biopsy or my period. I get paranoid and worried. I don't have much cramping associated. But I am losing some clots and as I said above, heavy bleeding. The biopsy was a success with the removal and negative margins. I was told no sex or use of tampons for 4 weeks which I have followed strictly so I'm not sure if anyone else experienced this kind of bleeding 2 weeks later or not?! I get so paranoid and worried!


thank you!!

I had this, and was a bit concerned as it was a bit early for my period, when I asked my consultant he said it probably was my period, and that my cycle was a bit out of whack from all the stress going on.