Post colposcopy

So I hadmy colposcopy last Thursday and completely fell to bit while talking before hand, I had been so up beat andpositive before and think reality hit me a bit hard, my consultant and the tnurtures where amazing and really comforted me. So I changed into the sexy nhs gown I had also worn a dress to save a bit of my dignity then went into the room with the chair. Looking at this was enough to make me want to run as it looked so clinical I was expecting a bed, again they where amazingly supportive. Iexplained that I found the speculum from the smear uncomfterbal so the used asmaller one. I felt no pain and coulsuddenly see my cervix on the screen, they applied a solution on my cervix which slowly made it change colour (I had youtubed the procedure so knew what to expect) my consultant tookstill images of these changes. My consultantstaid said that as I already had servere changes that she would like to preform a cervical loop or Lletz procedure. From this point I did not watch as I felt a little light headed. I was injected in my cervix with a local an thisdroid sting a little like a cat scratchbut again within a few minutes I felt nothing. It seemed like ages waiting for them to set up and seconds for it to be over. I have now been told I have to wait two weeks for my results. I felt very emotional and tired after but have not bleed as many have said they do, I have had a very yellowish coloured discharge so have worn panty liners it has smelt a little too so be prepared for that. I have come on last night and have to say it is a very painfull period and have been very heavy but other then that just tired. Hope this helps prepare anyone awaiting a colposcopy, will update with results xxx