Post Colposcopy

I'm so happy I came across this site. I'm a first timer and I have searched everywhere to find an environment like this to discuss what I'm currently going through. The odd part about this is that I live in Canada. Sorry if the lingo is a little different.  

After confirming 2 abnormal paps over a range of 6 months, I had my colposcopy about 12 days ago. It wasn't horrible but it it wasn't fun either. There was the normal symptoms after the Coloscopy – dark bleeding and cramps. I noticed that my cramping persisted after the "normal" 2 days. My mild and dull cramps they started to really intensifying. I had shooting pains across my lower back, down my leg which caused my left foot to tingle. This continued for a day or two. I went to my family doctor to see if something may have gone wrong  during the biopsy. He told me that it may be a pinched nerve,  gave me advil and told me to sleep (I should of went to my gyne/specialist).

I have been on a steady diet and haven't been eating anything out of the “norm”. Fast forward 4 days, maintaining dull cramps and I start my period. This is good I think...... until I wake up in this morning. I feel nauseated and am battling dizziness. It kinda reminded me of my vacation in cuba but minus the rum. I have an appt. With my gyne( the specialist) on Wednesday to find out what is happening to me. I get it paps and coloscopy's are all normal procedures but I'm NOT feeling right.

Has anyone have this happen to them? I really hope I'm not overreacting.



Hiya, I'm so sorry you're going through this and never think you're overreacting it's you're body you know what's right or not, it sounds to me like you've got an infection 

and need antibiotics, iv read after a colposcopy it's not uncommon to get an infection xxx

Thanks for the reassurance. I'm headed to the drs. Tomorrow. Hopefully all will be ok.

Fingers crossed for you, iv got an infection and now on antibiotics! 


As if we don't go through enough xx