Post Colposcopy Pain

Hi All,


I had my colposcopy yesterday and today I'm really tender "down there" and it's hurting and stinging to pee. Has anyone else experienced this and is this normal? Can't find anything to suggest that this happens, everything says about discharge but it's stinging :( 


thanks in advance 



Hi hun,


I had mine on the 22nd and am still having some pain my tummy looked like i was 7 months pregnant and has stinging when i weed... I have been to the doctors and she said some people's bodys just react differnt ways but she did take a sample just in case of infection.. Give it a few more days to see if it settles if not then i would go to your GP .. Hope this helps a small bit. Good luck with your results 


Joni xx

Thanks Joni. Thankfully the pain isn't too bad in my stomach, just cramps like period pain. Do feel out of sorts though. Worst thing is the peeing and it stinging. 

Good luck for your results too. Looks like I'm going to need treatment from what the doctor said yesterday. :( they showed me the thing they use to do the loop treatment so least I lnke what to expect. Just worried that the biopsies show something nasty. 


Take care


M xx 

After my last colp I felt niggly like when I get cystitis so I have been drinking lots of cranberry juice and water to try and keep things flushed thru. TMI but this week 2 weeks post Lletz I then felt itchy so slapped on the thrush cream and that seems to be doing the trick.

You could have a uti I know if I have "ahem" rough sex :$ I sometimes get cystitis so a colp with the whole speculum/ cranking you open could well bring on a UTI if u are that way inclined. So start drinking lots of water/ cranberry juice to flush things through and then maybe call the colposcopy nurses to see if you can take cystitis meds.

Hope your stinging subsides soon



Thanks! kinda hoping it'll ease off. I've only ever had one uti and it doesn't really feel like that, just feels stingy! I know what you mean though, it's hardly normal to have a speculum cranking things open! Ouch! Was really painful at the time. A nurse once told me before I have a "long vagina" I just about died! I am 6ft tall so maybe I'm just taller all over lol! Don't think that particularly helped yesterday when she was trying to teach my cervix!


thanks for for the advice guys. So glad I found this page. It's been a godsend! xx