post colposcopy help


I'm 32 and had my first colposcopy a week last Monday after they noticed abnormalities on my cervix when fitting my copper coil 6 weeks ago. 

There were 2 areas of abnormal cells and they took 2 Biopsies.  The consultant struggled to stop the bleeding after she took the biopsy but just advised me to wear a pad for the next 2 days in case.

I have been bleeding ever since, some days lighter and darker blood so I start to think it's easing off then the next day it's heavy and red again.

Is it normal to still be bleeding nearly 2 weeks later?  Thanks 


Sorry I cant b much help as I never had biopsies taken so im not sure on bleeding times.

If ur worried about anything I would ring the hospital and check with them.

Good luck x


I had a couple of biopsies at my colposcopy. I did have a bit of bleeding for a couple of weeks, but it was never really heavy, more like the very last day of your period, that kind of level.

I didnt have any trouble with bleeding at the time though. Sounds like you should probably call the hospital/clinic to me. There have been a few posts from people who had to go back and have more silver nitrate applied to stop the bleeding, maybe the case for you too?

Hope it gets sorted, gets annoying after a while, doesnt it? :-/


Hi there!

I'm so sorry you're feeling so unwell. It may just be that you aren't healing up and need some more silver nitrate, but it could also be an infection. I'm currently being treated for one and I didn't have any of the traditional markers like fever or inflammation. Currently, I'm in less pain but it's still there, and I'm also still bleeding, but otherwise healthy. Going back to the GP tomorrow for follow-up. I wrote a post about my experience here:, and you may find it useful. 

I hope that helps and that you get well soon xx