Post Colposcopy feeling pessimistic


This is my first time writing on any type of forum and I have the habit of blathering on so want to start by saying thank you (and sorry!!)

I’m 27, had my 2nd smear a week ago Monday. Yesterday (Tuesday) as I was returning home from holiday I had a phone call from the hospital to come in for a Colposcopy ASAP - which turned out to be 8am the next day (today)

I hadn’t received my letter yet and I felt this has all been made to feel quite rush rush like it’s an emergency, which is making me feel a bit nervous. The doctor today, who was amazing as were all the nurses at Gloucester Hospital told me the results were severely abnormal then talked me through what was going to happen in the Colposcopy exam and treatment.

The procedure went totally fine, the doctors and nurses were brilliant esp. as I was on my own. I had LLETZ and a sample taken for biopsy.

Just now i’m home i’m feeling worried as in the past year or so I have had problems such as painful sex, bleeding after sex and last period I used a tampon and had to take it out after 5 mins because the pain inside was excruciating.

I’m sorry a lot of this is repetitive of a lot of other people’s experiences and posts here, it’s just with the symptoms I’ve been having combined with the ‘severe’ abnormality results and speed at which they got me in I’m feeling very pessimistic.

I don’t really know if im looking for reassurance or what but the internet is full of confusing information and as much as I admire the NHS and everyone who works in healthcare I feel very left in the dark about it all. Plus my husband is away so I’m alone mulling everything over!!

I guess it’s now a waiting game to get the biopsy results?

Thanks for reading. Writing it all out has made me feel somewhat better, and this forum really is immense, it’s so lovely to see women really supporting each other in times of need.


Hi hun, I am in a similar situation. I had my Colposcopy on the 8th March, it wasnt planned but happened after the first doctor had examined me. I had symptoms for around a year before getting anything done and now its a waiting game! Its awful but looking at the posts from all the other ladies I think this is probably one of the worst parts, the not knowing. Stay strong and fingers crossed you will have good news, so many people have similar stories and thanksfully for lots of them its not cc, I have stuck to this forum for support rather than the internet because I agree all the info out there can be confusing and its human nature to fear the worst. Hope it all goes well xx

Thank you @Lewisia35 

It is reassuring to have this community of women for support. 

I can't help but feel there should be information easily available for the layman. I rung a friend yesterday who is a nurse, she was really great and informative to put my mind at rest but not everyone is lucky enough to have a nurse pal to chat to

Hope all is well with your results too!


Thank you xx Totally agree hun, its so confusing! I think there are so many variations out there, the internet information can almost do more harm than good! Pleased you have someone who can help you and put your mind at ease xx