Post coitalbleeding - previous Lletz for CIN3 two years ago


Hi everyone

I used this website and Forum two years ago when I had CIN3 post smear and had Lletz to remove - had six monthly check up in Jan 2016 which was normal smear and negative HPV so was put back on 3 year recall.


However in the last few months I have been experiencing some sporadic brown discharge after sex - not all the time, but often enough.  I sort of ignored it to start with and kept an eye on it as thought it was due to my period (take the mini pill and never have regular periods and they are always just brown discharge).  Eventually went to GP a couple of weeks ago - she looked at my cervix and said all looked normal so have been referred for colposcopy to have more of a look.  Not looking forward to that but know it is the right thing to do - appointment in just over two weeks time (it was a non-urgent referral).

Just wondered if anyone had comments in general about brown discharge after sex (which GP said is old blood so it is counted as bleeding)?

Also if I was HPV negative a year and a half ago, can I be positive now?  Surely not enough time to develop CIN3 or worse?

Thoughts/reassurance please!  I found hte whole experience horrid last time although physically I coped well, mentally it was hard.

I am 45 and don't have children



I can't comment on the discharge as no experience but you could be HPV positive now even if negative previously. Once infected with the virus it remains in your body but can lie dormant (and undetectable) in similar fashion to HPV strains that cause warts or cold sores (the warts can go but flare up again at a later date).

You may be lucky and it never rear it's ugly head again or could have another incidence of HPV infection. This happened to me; had CIN at age 20 with HPV, my body fought it off and CIN cleared up itself. Then had HPV flare up and CIN3 aged 33. Viruses aren't completely 'killed off' like bacteria.

It does seem a fairly short time frame for CIN3 to develop in but they will be able to see and tell you more at your Colposcopy appt.