Post coital bleeding

Hi all, haven't posted on here for a while, hope everyone is well. 


So basically my story is i was diagnosed and treated for stage 1a1 cc last May/June time, have had a clear smear since (Oct). I am now suffering with post coital bleeding, it started as one offs but has gradually become more regular. Its only ever after sex, not random times. I know its highly unlikely to be cc again when i have recently had a clear smear, but i have a drs appt for tommorow for an examination. 


My question is what else could it be?! Thanks ladies,obviously i am slightly concerned about this.

Hi MAP, 

I am not a doctor so cannot really help, I can only tell you that I suffered the same bleeding and was referred for smear etc. 

I have recently been told I have CGIN and am awaiting treatment but my bleeding was caused by cervical erosion (due to being on the pill for years when I was younger I was told). 

Your bleeding could be for a number of reasons so try and stay positive but I completely understand why you would be nervous about it. 

Good luck with your appointment :) Let us know how you get on. 



Hi I just thought I'd share my experience I had a smear test which came back all clear and then about 6 months later I went to the dr's as I was experiencing bleeding after sex- he sent me for a colposcopy and I waa told that the bleeding was due to cervical erosion he did something called a cold coagulation and thankfully (touch wood) everything has been ok since. Apparently cervical erosion is very common and us often caused by the pill- which I had been on for years x

Hi there MAP. I had this after my first LLETZ for CIN3 and it was due to the scar tissue on my cervix. I went to the drs for it because, like you, my smears following my LLETZ had come back normal. Suppose I was just paranoid they'd missed something.

Turns out that scar tissue can heal a bit differently to the rest of your cervix so it can sometimes cause bleeding after sex or due to pressue like if you sneeze etc. This is what the dorctor said to me and I didn't have another abnormal smear for 3 years after that so I don't think the bleeding and my most recent abnormal result were related at all.

Hope it all goes well at the drs, Lucy xx

Thanks for all your responses ladies, i have been to my GPs today, who performed a pelvic examination and couldn't feel or see anything causing bleeding. She took a swab anyway and is . going to sent urgent referal to the colposcopy team as my next appointment isn't for 7 weeks. Xx