Post coital bleeding .. anyone else?

Hi everyone,

I will start with a bit of background information…

2018 - smear came back abnormal with LSIL
Jan 2019- same result so had a colpscopy, results showed CIN1 & 2 . Gynae happy to watch and wait for another 6 months

I got pregnant, had my son in oct 19
Jan 2020 - normal smear
Jan 2021 normal smear
Had second baby Jan 2022
April 2022 - normal smear - now 5 yearly smears

August 2022 my period returns… Extremely heavy and painful
I have now begun to have small streaks of blood in my discharge after sex… Saw my dr and did another smear… had small specks of blood again in discharge the next day …

Just looking for advice and reassurance… I am terrified something sinister is going on. I’m so scared of waiting for results. I’ve never spotted after sex before so I’m very concerned and scared.
Anyone else going through this?

Hey! I have started what looks like a period after sleeping with my partner. It started yesterday and still continuing today, was heavier than spotting and enough i needed a pad.

I did feel a period coming along so just assumed the “deed” brought on my period. I have PCOS so have no real regular period or cycle, but i do mostly get it middle of the month.

Its more or less stopped now, so only lasted 2 days which is shorter than normal but as i say i rarely get one.

How did your results go?