post coital bleeding and cin 3

Hi I was diagnosed with high grade dyskariosis in may this year, I was referred to colposcopy where I had lletz procedure and biopsy. This was confirmed as cin 3. This was june 10th this year , I have now srarted suffering with post coital bleeding , the past 4 times after sex, not straight away but usually morning after or a day after that , its like a period but without the other period symptoms im due for my 6 month follow up to check if the cells have returned and if I have hpv virus, has this happened to anyone else ? Im starting to worry again now xxxx  

Hi there

What you descrbe is almost the same as my own experience so hopefully I can put your mind at rest. After my lletz for cin3 I started to get post coital bleeding which was gradually getting worse. When I had my 6 month check I discovered it was down to an ectrpion, what they used to call a cervical errosion- fragile cells from the cervical canal over grow out on to the surface of the cervix, as these cells are fragile they bleed easily from contact or pressure so things like having sex and straining on the loo can cause bleeding. Treatment was a simple cauterisation with silver nitrate, a bit unpleasant but over quickly and the treatment worked for me. Hope that helps.


This is what has happened to me I have been see my doc tho and they 

are sending me for a scan and a transvigal boy am I scared 

cuz as I read up on the internet this does not look good I can't seem

to find anyone been through it but to me looks like everyone is

diffrent I have a 2 year old and tried get to norm for Xmas but

i can't hold it together I hope all is well for u xx