Post coital bleeding/ 2nd Referral / Bricking it.

Hi Ladies,

Sorry about the long post.

I'm 41, have underactive thyroid and had  Lletz treatment for CN3 about 12 years ago.  Since then I've had a few borderline smears and colposcopies over the years as a precaution but a couple of years ago went back into the 3 yearly smear pool.

In last few months, I've had lots of recurrent UTI's (after sex) and some light bleeding after sex too.  Mostly spotting or a bit pink after wiping.  My period has started to be a bit irregular for me but I put that down to thyroid/age.

However because of my history, I spoke to my GP about the bleeding who did swabs but no smear as I wasn't due for another year. Undecided

All swabs for infection were clear but I was given an urgent hospital referral in Feb and was seen by someone in the general gyno department.  I wasn't offered a smear or colposcopy but instead got a transvaginal ultrasound.  The doctor I saw suggested hat the bleeding was possibly from the copper coil so I had that removed at the appointment.  She told me otherwise everything looked normal and healthy. And discharged me.

So I left feeling massively relieved.

Now in May,  I've started bleeding heavily during sex - Bright red and thin, not like the spotting or pink discharge I was having before.  I have no pain at all. Just a lot of blood 3 out the 4 times I've had sex with my partner.

I've been given another urgent referral and am this time going for a colposcopy next Monday. 

I'm generally pretty good at keeping calm as I've had so many check-ups over the years, I've learned to not worry too much.

But it worries me a hell of a lot that the gyno doctor saw no cervical erosion or inflammation and that all my swabs for infection were clear.  I asked my GP what else it could be other than CC and she literally shrugged her shoulders at me!

I'm really worried :-/

Hi Rosemary, I really feel for you... I too am normally a calm individual when faced with challenges, but this fact alone can also can make me feel unnerved when I'm not feeling so confident about something, but trust your calm rational self whatever the issue.

You have mentioned your age which could be playing a factor in your bleeding and irregular periods, also you mention you have had a few borderline smears and colposcopies over the years. These cause scarring so any irritation such as an IUD or sex could cause you to bleed.

Listen to what you have been told so far, you said the "gyno' doctor saw no cervical erosion or inflammation" and that all your swabs for infection were clear, also your trans-vaginal ultrasound reported that everything looked normal and healthy.

Don't let your GP's response of shrugging make you unsure, as GP's are that... General Practitioners, they need to know a vast amount about numerous illnesses and ailments, but they are not specialists hence why they referred you.

keep positive lovely, there are many things that could be causing you your issues and the vast amount will not be that sinister, so the odds are with you.

I'm thinking of you so please let me know how you have got on?

Thanks for your kind message.  It really did help calm me down a bit before going.  

I had the colposcopy yesterday which was fine.  The consultant had a really lovely bedside manner (compared to some I have had previously) so that really helped.

She said I definitely had an area of erosion which she suspects is causing the bleeding.  The iodine showed only a small area so that got biopsied.  So I'm waiting for those results now.

Hope you are feeling better after your treatment? And that they have put your mind at rest. I'm also waiting for my biopsy results so fingers crossed for us both x