Post brachytherapy-pain

Hi ladies,
I have recently finished my 3rd brachytherapy and I was wondering if anybody else is suffering with sever pain when going to wee? In my third week now and I really thought it would have at least eased a bit. Every time I wee I’m biting down on a flannel and it’s bringing to tears more often than not. Don’t want to leave the house in case of having to wee in a public toilet. I have to hold myself a few minutes after as the pain is unbearable. I’m not sure how much longer I can cope with it. I feel trapped.everything else I’m suffering with I feel I can cope with but this. I’ve tried everything. Is anyone else’s suffering?
Thank you
Jess x

Hi Jesks41 and welcome. Sorry ur in so much pain.
Sounds as bad as i was,the pain is unbearable!
I was screaming with the pain,but it will pass and u will soon put it behind u,unfortunatly there’s not a lot u can do 2 make it easier,ask ur cns.
Hang in there, it will b worth it in the end,even though u don’t think so now. Much love and
Good luck xx

Hi Jeska,
I feel your pain! I was in terrible pain for weeks after my treatment and brachytherapy. I bought a sitz bath (it fits over the toilet). Whenever I needed a wee, I filled it with lukewarm water and a few epsom salts and splashed the water over my bits while I was weeing. It improved things massively for me. When going out, I brought a hard plastic cup. When I needed to wee, I would use the disabled toilet (so I had use of a sink to fill my cup with warm water) and pour it over my bits when weeing. Hope things improve for you soon.
x Maria