Post biopsy pain-HELP

Hi all,

So I went for my first smear test and came back with high risk HPV moderate which I was invited to go for a colposcopy.  

Whilst there she verified there were areas of CIN2 possibly CIN3 so she took some punch biopsies.  At the time these were ok and I was coping well. I hadn’t had much blood or discharge until 3 days later when all of a sudden a started bleeding a lot and passing lots of discharge.

im now 5 days after the procedure and just so uncomfortable, bloated and just in general my lower abdomen is aching and throbbing in certain places I’m having a burning sensation this is also even making my hips painful.

I went back to the clinic after the bleeding started and they gave me some antibiotics and took some swabs however im now two days in to these tablets and I still feel no different.

Has anyone got any ideas of what I can take to help??

Thank you



Looking forward to a reply soon

Hi jem123 

I'm so sorry to hear you're in discomfort after your colposcopy punch biopsy. 

I understand antibiotics can take a little while to take effect, has the Dr mentioned anything about pain relief at all or have you been taking any to help with the pain.

Fortunately I didn't encounter an infection after my punch biopsys but I did find paracetamol (unfortunately the only pain killer I'm allowed to take after a severe reaction grrr)  warm baths, hotwater bottles, rest and lots of chocolate helped manage the after effects. 

I suspect if you have little to no change in your symptoms I would definitely call your colposcopy clinic and or gp and see what they can offee to help you - i would also ask them about pain relief what you can and can't take whilst on the antibiotics too.

I really hope you find some relief soon, sending Big hugs and well wishes your way x x x