possible to get a colposcopy without a smear?

Hi all,


I want a colposcopy, for my own peace of mind.im going to be taking steroids and other immune affecting drugs in the near future and need to know the status of my cervix. 


Does anyone know of a way of getting a colposcopy without a smear test? I dont mind paying privately.


Many thanks



Hi Jessica,


there are many qualified private gynaecologists who do private colposcopies. If you call a private clinic, make sure they are specifically trained, because not all gynaecologists have the special qualification to do colposcopies (they need to renew it every three years, too). Often you need a referral  from your GP, which shouldn't be a problem if you discuss your concerns. Costs vary, but I have been quoted between 400-1200 pounds privately. The costs vary because of consultant fees, whether they take biopsies and whether histology reports are necessary.

I hope this helps! x

Thank you! Thats very helpful! I just called bupa and they quoted me £1450 not including consultation!! Does anyone know anywhere where it might be a little bit cheaper?!


Thank you



Hi Jessica,

I'd probably call around the private hospitals in your area and ask the secretaries for quotes. Based on their quotes, you can then make a decision of what you want to do.


I hope this helps! x