Possible symptom of cervical cancer

Is occasional sharp pain in the vagina and ocassional lower back pain symptoms of cervical cancer?

Two of very many yes! But also could relate to so many other things.. have you had a recent smear?

No i am only 23 but have been reffered for a colposcopy. These symptoms have only started since i had a c section 10 weeks ago. I know that my back pain could be caused by that but i an not sure about the vaginal pain.. if they were caused by cancer would i also likely have bleeding?..

Not always no, some people don't have any symptoms at all. Although your right, abnormal bleeding is the most common symptom. Try not to panic. I've just had a urgent referral to colposcopy and I'm losing it. Been a week now and not had any results but I'm bleeding so much, back pain, pelvic pain and swelling in my left leg. 

Oh ok. I just thought pelvic and back pain were often associated with advanced cervical cancer? Could it be related to my c section