Possible recurrence

I’m a year out of chemoradiation therapy for adenocarcinoma CC 2b. I’ve only had clear scans since but my latest MRI showed enlarged iliac lymph nodes on the right side of my pelvic. My oncologist is thinking recurrence and has scheduled a PET scan to confirm.


I’ve never been so scared, anyone experienced this?

I would say don't panic because scans throw up all sorts of rubbish once you have had treatment. It may amount to.nothing more than swelling. It's good that you are having the PET.

If the news is bad, the chances are there will still be surgical options for you. There are many of us that have been there and are here to tell the tale.

Good luck!

Hi there 

I wanted to let you know that I'm still here after my recurrence , almost 3 years now post recurrence , i relate to how your feeling being scared, should  it turn out to be recurrence for you you will get through it , the chances are there will be treatment options with an aim to cure again. theres lots of recurrence survivors so please try to stay positive , I know that's easier said than done ...... I completley agree scans show up lots of things but can turn out to be nothing sinister and I am really hoping this is the case for you , hopefully that pet scan will be soon and youll know what's what And your mind put at rest. 

Take care 



I’ve just had some lymph nodes removed in my right side as one grew whilst I was on chemo. It was an easy operation so hopefully if you receive the worst possible news they can remove them.

Cara x