Possible Polyp

Hi everyone, this is my first ever post and I’m just looking for a few words of encouragement. I went for my smear test today at the GPs and advised her how nervous I was. I’ve had several “traumatic“ experiences. Back in 2007 I had abnormal cells detected and was referred for a colposcopy where the cells were laser removed. This was THE worst thing I’ve ever been through. Even having given birth this was still the worst! Anyway, after faffing around trying several times she took a look and just said “oh, have you had abnormal results before?”. Instant panic! Crying I explained my past experiences and was offered no support just an unsympathetic “aww”. She then said it looked as though I have a polyp on my cervix and my cervix looked quite red. I had a cone biopsy taken during my colposcopy so wasn’t sure if she was seeing the scar. I have a couple of weeks wait now for my results and the GP has referred me to gynochology. I was wondering if anyone had had a similar experience? I’m a worrier anyway but going through a particularly tough time emotionally at the minute so this is absolutely not helping. Thanks ☺️