Possible LLETZ again after results


I was wondering if anyone else has had the same as me?

I had LLETZ 3 weeks ago and have phoned for the results as I have not yet received a letter. The first time I called the Secretary on the Colposcopy ward said she couldn’t tell me because she didn’t understand them... that made me nervous!

Then the Nurse has phoned me back and has said that on the 2 samples from the LLETZ there has not been any precancerous cells which is good. But. The samples did not show the transformation zone and the lab have recommended LLETZ again. She then said that this case is going to be discussed at a meeting with Senior people to see whether to  give me a smear in 3 months or just do it all again. I said, what do you think? She said they get twitcy and might say LLETZ again.

Obviously it is good that no precancerous cells (or is she just being blasé about this) have been found but does this basically mean they haven’t taken the correct part of the cervix so the cells are still there? Also, what are the implications of having 2 LLETZ procedures regarding pregnancy? I haven’t had any children yet and all this is worrying me now.

I have really struggled with LLETZ and these 3 weeks have been horrible... now this is making me really nervous again.



Louise x

Hi Louise, 

I'm in a similar position to you, in that I went in for my cone biopsy 4 weeks ago, after delaying treatment for a year until I'd delivered my baby. I received my results the Tuesday just gone following receipt of a letter the week before to go in for a follow-up appointment at the Colposcopy unit. The consultant who had performed my procedure advised that whilst he thought he had taken out the abnormal cells ( I was diagnosed with CGIN 3) reports from a second professional who viewed my biopsies, has requested that I return for further consultations about having further treatment, as there's still suggestion that some abnormal cells might still remain on my cervix.

I've now got an appointment in just over a week to have another consultation, but I've been told that it's fine to have two procedures done, but the risk of pre-mature labour and miscarriage may be higher, but they can stitch the cervix should I fall pregnant again. 

I share in your nervousness and whilst you/we feel anxious, I'm trying to take comfort in the fact that the professionals are continuing to review my case (though be it an on-going saga). I can sympathise with you that awaiting results and the definitive end result is really frustrating, but for the time that is now, try to do things you enjoy doing as it will make the time go by faster, until that day when the professionals say they're confident they've got all the abnormal cells! 

Good luck.