possible higher lymph node involvement



I found out today my treatment has worked and I am cervical cancer free which is fantastic news however on another note 2 of my lymph nodes which were out of my radiation treatment range look suspicious and I will be having a CT scan next week so I currently have mixed emotions on the whole thing has anyone gone through this already and what happened?


Thank you Paula.X


Officially diagnosed Cervical Cancer 09.10.2014

Cystocospy and MRI 24.10.2014

Diagnosed Stage 1b2 28.10.2014 

Chemoradiation pre-assessment appt 30.10.2014

MRI Scan 8th April 2015

CC cancer free but possible upper lymph node involvement 21.04.15

Hi. Here's hoping it is just a viral infection or something just as normal! Bet we all have various lumps and bumps all the time which go completely...congrats on the cervical cancer doing one!

Thank you I'm so so pleased I really am but u can't help but worry I guess and wanted to know what happens with lymph node removal etc thank u x

Was it squamous cell or adeno you HAD?

Squamous cell stage 1b2

Me too! But I had a hysterectomy first followed by radio...

They told me squamous was very lazy, and was usually in no hurry to go anywhere!

Well fingers crossed mine was and it's just an infection could be a number of things I guess as our bodies go through so much 

Rooting for you Paula! Congrats on the CC-free!

Yes, we do all get spurious lumps and bumps all of the time so keeping my fingers crossed that yours are perfectly innocent :-)

Be lucky


Thank you me too :) xx