possible cone biopsy after colposcopy


morning ladies 


sorry if I seem to be posting to much but found asking question on here the easy way to get much need advice. I had my colposcopy on Monday and it was mentioned that I may need to have a cone biopsy once my results were back in 2 to 4 weeks’ time. but looking on the forum it seems this in not common and the more story I read it seems more common when they have found early stage cc I hope I am reading too much into this as it got me so worried and honestly scared. I have not been told what CIN it is yet that why I believe the biopsy were taken i only know that my smear showed up as HPV pos and sever dyskaryosis. Have any of you ladies had a cone biopsy if so how bad is it and what sort of recovery time should i expected.

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Hi Michelle

I'm due in for my second lot of treatment in a few days - although they are repeating the lletz treatment I understood it was because there wasn't enough clear margin to show they had removed all the abnormal cells.  This time I'm having more taken and they will check with camera that it hasn't progressed to invasive cancer.  So I'm almost sure that a second treatment doesn't necessarily mean they have found any cancer - it's to make sure they have sufficient margins.


Take care

Hi Michelle I had my colposcopy on the 26th and was told I may need a cone biopsy as well as mine is further up than the cervix I'm just waiting on results to I hope everything comes out ok for you x

Hi Violet nothing was said about weather mine were further up then mine cerix just that there were 2 1 large on the top and 1 small on the bottom so the cone would be better i think because of the size. I hope your results come back soon and all works out well for you too x

Hi I had cone done in oct I had cin 3 results of that was found cgin further up an I had nettz done in Jan which is like cone but done wit a needle an got clear results last wk bk in 6 months try not to worry I kn it easier said den done x

Hi Ejjnsm Thank you I feel a little more relieved now I've been worried sick because she said mine is further up I've been searching all places to see whether anyone else has the same and Thank you for your reply it's definatly eased my mind...I hope each and everyone of you comes out smiling this site is amazing and helps me a lot xx

Hi Michelle w yes I think they just do a cone biopsy  just to make sure Thank you I really hope you come out of this positive to the waiting is the absolute worse but this site is amazing take care xx

Hello Ladies.

Sorry ive just come across this post and I wondered the ladies who have had a 2nd treatment how long was it after your first treatment?  6 months or? 


I had Lletz for CIN3 in January with unclear margins and my next appointment is July? 

Thank you xx 

Hi green way I had my first treatment done 26 of oct then bk in 29th jan for second so about 12 weeks mine was pretty severe wat dey found cgin so gave time for healing den straight bk in so maybe dat why I was quicker I'm not sure but got clear margins have ultra sound in April if dat clear not bk till July hope this helps u a little x