Possible Cervical stenosis

Hello everyone!

My name is Vicky. I was diagnosed with Stage 1b1 Cervical cancer last October. I had to have a Cone biopsy and my lymph nodes removed last November and although my results shown that the surgery was successful and was clear in May this year, i have had problems with my periods ever since my op, as I have never had a proper period since. I am on the pill and whenever i have the "break" i have minor cramps and then brown discharge (sorry ha) but then nothing. I stupidily googled it and it said i could possibly have Cervical stenosis where the cervix is very narrow or closed, which is common after a cone biopsy or surgery of the cervix.

I am very worried as the last thing i want is further problems and more surgery etc. When i had my coloscopy back in May it was very painful but the doctor said that it could be due to the cervix still healing.  So i was wondering if anybody can help me with this please.  Has anybody else experienced this, or been treated with cervical stenosis that you can explain the procedure and process please? As i am very worried. My doctor said she will do blood tests and then depending on the results a possible scan or/and examination.

Thank you so much and i wish you all good health!

Vicky xxx

July 16- abnormal cells

Sept 16 - lletz to remove abnormalities 

Oct 16 - lletz confirmed stage 1b1, Mri and blood results confirmed not spread. Given the option for hysterectomy or cone biopsy, chose cone

Nov 16 - Cone biopsy withremoval of lymph nodes

Jan 17 - Results show clear margins

May 17 - Smear very painful but Hpv negative, due back in 12 months 

Hi Vicky!

We chatted a bit last year, it's good to see you (if you know what I mean!)  Spookily enough I am having similar issues as you will see from my updated signature.  I received a letter from the Colposcopy clinic at the weekend sent to my GP that stated cervical stenosis although I don't have the period issues that you are experiencing.  At the moment I don't know what the next stage will be - I am waiting for the results from my first smear and the letter said my plan is follow up in the colposcopy clinic.  Sorry that I'm not much help but we can support each other and I know a bit about how you're feeling! xx Sara

Hi Sara!

I remember and its lovely to hear from you. Its just a shame its under these circumstances but im happy to hear from you! :)

Im so sorry to hear that and I hope everything goes ok, please let me know if you get chance.

It will be a year on Friday when i was first diagnosed so this worry is all coming back :(  its awful worrying isnt it and i only hope that we are both fine and have nothing to worry about!

Always a help and definitely! Always here if you need someone to talk to, who is experiencing the same problems

Vicky xxx

Hi, it is weird that the worry comes back even though the chance of it coming back is so low! The more all clears we get the better and time flies so fast! Will definitely let you know how I get on, I'm sure we'll both be fine xx

Hi ladies, sorry in advance I don't have any answers but I had the same thing after my lletz treatment, my period was due and I had all symptoms etc but no blood, I was in severe pain so was admitted to hospital Had ultrasound etc. It turned out I had 3-4 cm of fluid/blood that couldnt come out, i was booked in for my hysterectomy the week after so nothing was done, I just got antibiotics to stop an infection. Eventually after about a day or 2 I had a big gush and it was all the blood coming out.

its so frustrating we never get told these things are a side effect of treatments we get!

hopefully you get it sorted xx

Hi Sarah,

Very true, and yeah im hoping that after all this we will be ok and can stop worrying as much! xxx

Hi Debbie,

Thank you for the information! Yeah thats what im worried about, that the blood cant escape but that its trying to. I have had blood tests done as my doctor thinks it might be hormone changes, but it just seems a coincedence that its only been since my op.

Thank you, fingers crossed!! xxx

Hi Everyone, 

Im new to this site and have been reading a few comments on similar problems that i have been through and need someone to talk to. I have an amazing support group at home but its hard to discuss with family and friends your symptoms when they haven't been through it before.

I was diagnosed with stage 1b CC in 2013 at the age of 25. I was booked in to have a cone biopsy and a lymph node clearance, i was in hospital for a couple of days and all went well with the surgery and cancer free. 

I had to have smear tests every 6 months for the first couple of years. My first smear test was awful and so painful, i was so confused as my first one was not as bad, my oncologist said it was due to the cone biopsy and should heal. However, when my periods started i was in agony with sharp stabbing pains in my cervix and went back and fourth to the hospital to be told that my cervix was stenosed and closed completley and blood was backing up into my uterus and fallopian tubes. 

I went for laprascopic surgery for dilatation of my cervix and discovered I had Endometriosis. I was put on the depo injection for 2 years to stop my periods and it worked really well for me, so no periods no pain! :) 

As i have come off the depo injection i am anxious about having a period as the sharp pains are coming back, so instead of waiting for a period my oncologist reccommended that i should be put under for a quick procedure to dialiate my cervix again so i can bleed with no pain. But now i have had some more bad news...

The quick procedure had to be stopped as my cervix has closed fully and up into my uterus :( so now i have to wait to go and discuss an hystrectomy as thats my only option. Im lucky to have a son and me and my partner are happy to have no more children, but i am worried if i have this major operation will i still have pains?? Im upset and scared and dont know what to do. 

if there is anyone who has had cervical stenosis and had an hystrectomy please get in touch 

Rachel xx