Possible 2a cc after clear smear

Morning ladies

i was wondering if anyone has had a similar situation to me.  I have been provisionally staged a 2a but seeing consultant on wed to confirm.  I have the squamous cell type which is normally picked up by smears yet had a clear smear two years ago.  Has anyone else experienced this??

I am going to ask the consultant about it but just wondered if anyone else had this?

they are going to dig out my old smears which is apparently standard practice.



I had my routine 3 yearly smear last year. Lucky I did as I was trying to get pregnant around the same time. I went for my smear, never having an abnormal smear, I didnt think twice about it. I got a call from the hospital and there was cgin detected. so unfortunately it can change in that space of time:(

Hi Kimmy

I had exactly the same.  Clear smears, never misssed one then...BAM...stage 1B1.  They check your old smears in case they were read wrongly.  This apparently can and does happen unfortunately.  You should have access to the findings about 6 months later.  I am going to be asking for mine at my 6 month check up.  I was also the squamas Cell type which is a bit more unusual to be missed on a smear.  Other types which affect cells further up can be missed more easily.   Cervical cancer is usually very slow growing so i think it's unusual to develop it in 3 years (which is why they check previous smears again) but not impossible unfortunately!  Sending hugs and prayers x

Thanks Nellie

it just seems crazy that I can be fine then two years later have a stage two I thinks that what I find so scary. I hope your treatment went well and good luck with the check up




Thanks starebell

i bet you feel so glad u went for that early smear.



Hi Kimmy,

Things to seem to change so very quickly sometimes. I'd had check ups with nothing, then all of a sudden, bam, stage 1. Then a few weeks later and nope, it's stage 3. I think sometimes the staging is a bit of a muddle too, my doctor still hasn't explained much!

Hope your meeting with the consultant goes well.


In Greece it is recommended to have smear tests annually, and breast screening as well. I think it's down to once every three years in UK because it's provided free on the NHS. You can bet you would be recommended to have them more often if you had to pay for them yourselves.

Be lucky :-)