Positive update regarding CGIN

Hi ladies,

Firstly just want to wish everyone well during what can be a highly anxious time.

A quick recap...Back in October 2012 I had a borderline Glandular smear.  Colposcopy biopsy revealed CIN 1 and Low Grade CGIN.  For those that have had a CGIN result you will know that trying to find any information on this type of result is hard :)  I had Lletz treatment and that was that.

Anyway, fast forward to beginning of this month, i had my 6 monthly colposcopy check which revealed no abnormalitys as far as the consultant could see and everything looked well healed.  he did a smear test to be sure and today I have received my letter with the glorious words NORMAL!!!

I appreciate that this is not always the case, but i just want to reassure ladies that there can be a positive outcome.

I have to have another colposcopy in 6 months... so fingers crossed for that one.

Thank you to all the ladies that have helped me with questions i have had the last few months.




Thats great news Tillyrose, so pleased for you that your results have come back normal you must be so relieved. Its always nice to hear the happy outcomes.

Congratulations, brilliant news :) :) :) x x x