Positive story!

Positive story here!!!
So if any of you have read any of my previous posts you will have seen my story. For those who haven’t I’ll try and quickly explain.
So back in 2021 I had an abnormal smear, told to return in a year. 2022 came, abnormal had LLETZ found CIN3 and CGIN. So since then I have been returning to colposcopy every 6 months to check and every time I have received abnormal smear and have been HPV positive the whole time.
So my last check up was at the end of Feb this year and I’ve had my results!! After 3 years of being HPV positive it’s finally clear!!!
I have an appointment in a years time just to check, but I am over the moon to be writing this as I never thought I would clear it!!


Happy for you!!! Did you use any treatments or supplements?

Hi thank you, no didn’t do anything different. I was going to tho if this one was still positive

Did you have sex with you partner (I don’t know if you have one) or having sex doesn’t help clearing it?
That’s what I’m wondering.
Any comments will help

Hi I haven’t done anything different. Yes I’ve been with my husband for 14 years

So you have done everything as normal, you’d say?
That’s really good to hear

I mean did you have to use condoms at all?

Yes everything as normal, no not used condoms. I was about to start trying all the vitamins and diet etc then had my results and clear