positive story

Hello everyone, I am sorry you are here and reading this because it means you are going through uncertainty and perhaps fear/worry.

I had an abnormal smear result last September after having cin 1 diagnosed a few years prior. Although it didn’t look bad biopsy result came back as cin3 so I had the lletz treatment- which I didn’t want and was frightened of.

Lletz was not bad, just uncomfortable with the speculum like smears, I didn’t actually feel anything. I healed pretty well after- started bleeding at 8 days post and with my period amongst it bled for just over 2 weeks mild-moderately.

Lletz result was cin1.

I’ve just had my smear results- normal cells and no HPV. I am beyond grateful and my thoughts are with those of you who don’t get this news.

As well as having lletz I saw a homeopath, had reiki- learnt reiki, did yoga, meditated, journalled and went to counselling. I take b12 and folic acid and vitamin D. Im also vegan. I mention all of this not because I know for sure it helped but because doing it felt right for me to heal. Listen to the doctors but also listen to you- what do you need. I also read a lot of research about what can cause HPV not clearing and cervical dysplasia, lackof b vitamins. I also drank green tea.

Sending lots of love and understanding to anyone going through a difficult time. Be kind to yourself xxxxxxxxxxxx

That's a lovely post in having treatment 25th April dreading it.  

Great post thanks. I'm midway post lleetz and follow up smear. I've had mid cycle bleeding for two years. Despite being on the pill and paid for private yearly smears all clear until my nhs one this year of cin 1 and 2.  I'm trying to improve my vitamin intake i just feel exhausted all the time and still get bleeding between periods. Do you still get symptoms as I expected mine to stop after the lletxs but been told that's hormonal I just worry he Leetz a missed someone sinister and this bleeding and tiredness is down to something more serious -  rational thoughts lost with anxiety I guess I'm asking how do you deal with the symptoms post treatment